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We are a Public Company currently trading on the OTCQB (OTCQB:JADG) with great expectations for the future. We plan to bring the jade market to the masses in the United States. Until Jade Global Holdings’ entry into the global jade trade, we believe that there has been no centralized market for trading of jade and jade products. We understand that the traditional distribution channels have involved either using sometimes unreliable purchasing agents from foreign lands, or purchasing finished jade jewelry products from often disreputable wholesalers.

Our intention is to eventually grow Jade Global Holdings into a vertically integrated global company that will comprise of international mining operations, jewelry design and manufacturing, retail operations, wholesale trade, global depository and online trading platform. We plan to initially enter the market by building a retail store and global trading platform, eventually expanding to other areas through organic growth and acquisition.

Our Company will engage predominantly in the wholesale and retail trade of highest quality jade and jade products through our commercial website and select retail stores. Our Jade exudes uncompromising luxury and discerning taste… we believe sell the most expensive, exclusive Jade in the world… and we’re excited to do so!

Check back with us often as our business development is ongoing and moving fast and buy not checking in you may miss out on exciting company news or new product launches that will be featured on our site,

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