Why Jade?

Brilliant Jadeite Jade Ring with Diamonds

“Gold is valuable, Jade is priceless” … high quality Jade costs more per ounce than gold. A simple internet search will support the fact that Jade prices are surging year over year because demand for the highest quality Jade is outpacing supply.

Good Health, Long Life, Protection and Good Fortune are believed to be just some of the virtues of Jade, and who can dispute thousands of years of fervent belief in its reputed mystical powers?

Among other things, Jade is called the “Stone of Heaven” and has been for thousands of years. Did those generations before us know something we don’t? Royalty cherished it, Kingdoms fought over it, Palaces were built from it, it was used for payments to the Imperial Court, people were buried in Jade suits for protection in the afterlife, it has been highly prized in Chinese (and other) cultures for 5,000 years… what did they know that we do not?

Only relatively recently has Jade been received with a more than fleeting curiosity in the broader “mass market” in the West. But in the Asia, there is currently a huge trend among not just among older collectors and investors, but also the Millennial age group. The West is catching up fast and has awoken to the merits of Jade from a fashion standpoint and also as an investment comparable to diamonds or precious metals.

The “JADE STORM” is under way, in a big way. The Western Marketplace is “HOT” for everything Jade. Obviously, the flaunting of high quality Jade by major red carpet celebrities in recent years, has only furthered its cause as a very desirable, precious and luxurious gem.

The recent interest from western cultures and increased demand in Asian countries has caused a huge demand for a fast shrinking supply of high quality Jadeite Jade, of which almost all comes exclusively from Myanmar (formerly Burma). This is why Jadeite Jade is so expensive today, the available supply of high quality Jadeite is drying up and the market is being flooded with inferior quality Nephrite Jade being passed off as quality Jadeite by unscrupulous and dishonest dealers.

The New York Times and Forbes.com, CNN, BBC and many others have published articles on the soaring price of Jade and the frenzy causing tenfold price increases in the last decade pushing Jade prices to $3000 USD per ounce, and higher. High-end jadeite and China’s increasingly wealthy and middle classes are now synonymous as the “new” mainstream and lucrative market that was previously a somewhat niche arena reserved for savvy collectors, the “nouveau” rich have had a significant influence on rising prices.

To demonstrate this point we need look no further than is the “Hutton-Mdivani Necklace”. It is currently the most expensive single jade item ever sold at Sotheby’s, Hong Kong. The necklace sold for $27.4m in 2014, which was six times increase from the price that it sold for in the mid-nineties.

In addition, high-end Jade pieces at major auction houses worldwide are selling for unprecedented sale prices… multiples above their reserve prices in most cases.

Green and Orange Jadeite Jade necklace
Purple Jade Jadeite Ring

From all reports, it seems there is a modern day “Jade Rush” in progress*. Jade Global Holdings Inc. is in an excellent position to enter the market and capitalize on its long-term growth strategy by utilizing our strong knowledge base our strong strategic relationships, our seasoned “global” team and an omni-directional approach to monetization.

The good news is that through our strategic and exclusive relationships, Jade Global Holdings Inc. has secured a supply of “Jadeite Jade” that is not recently mined. It is truly “Ancient Jade” … it is “Imperial Jade” of the highest quality that was mined a very long time ago (hundreds of years) and securely stored, until now. We will also have various colors of Jadeite and “White Jade” (Nephrite) available, again mined a very long time ago. Our Jade has lived through many historical events in Chinese culture and brings a definite history, a captivating story and a very special energy to those that “believe”.

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