Our Leadership

Jade Global Holdings Inc. Board Room

The core driver of any successful company is its people. Jade Global holdings Inc has a “World Class”, highly experienced management team with a global reach. Driven by a true passion for repeated success in the business world, we know what winning feels like. We believe that strategic thinking, excellent and attentive management and intense dedication to the company’s real vision are the vital building blocks of any winning enterprise.

Our managers share a common goal of creating stable, long-term growth and building a team of dedicated employees that can ensure the continued support of our vision into the future. Coupled with a desire have a positive impact on society by supporting arts, culture and sustainability efforts, we will strive to engage and enhance the global communities in which we operate.

Meet our talented management team.

Guoqiang “Gordon” Qian


Guoqiang Qian spent the earlier part of his 40-year career working for the Shanghai Railway Yangpu Station and Shanghai Railway Bureau. Since 1995, Mr. Qian has served in several executive roles, including as the Executive President of the Hong Kong Huntec Group and General Manager of Shanghai Guoyin Science & Technology Co., Ltd. In 2010 Mr. Qian created Shanghai Bridgeway-Horizon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd., which was engaged in the development of multimedia, animation and gaming technologies that were implemented at several large scale resorts in China. In 2012, he founded Shanghai Dingyangxuan Investment Management, that engaged in the investment and management of artwork. He then founded the Shanghai Dingyangxuan Tea Culture Museum and the Shanghai Shuojue Art Museum and Shanghai Cuicange Treasury Museum in 2014 and 2016 respectively. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Shanghai Cuican Culture Diffusion Co., Ltd and is the Deputy Chairman of Chinese Civil Collections Preservation Commission. Mr. Qian attended university in China and earned his Master’s degree in political economics.

Scott Silverman


Scott is an accomplished and integrity-driven financial executive who has over 25 years of business success on national and international levels, with strong concentration and successes in SME operational and financial management. He has a highly diverse knowledge of financial, legal and operations management; public company management, accounting and Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.   He specializes in establishing and streamlining back-office policies and procedures and implementing sound financial management and internal controls necessary for enterprise growth and scalability. While serving as the VP of Finance of Itopia, Scott was involved in the raise of over $5 million, reduced expenses by more than 40% and participated in a 100% increase in YoY top line revenues. Scott is also one of the founders, and serves as President and CEO of EverAsia Financial Group, which grew into a multi-national corporate financial management and advisory firm serving clients in the US and Asia. Well versed in securities regulations and accounting, Scott has orchestrated investor exits for multiple companies, including ushering 5 client companies through successful public offerings. While at ICV, a boutique private equity firm, he managed a $35 million portfolio of companies, simultaneously serving as the CFO for both the parent company and for several portfolio companies, one of which was listed on the Entrepreneur Magazine “Hot 100” list, and was ultimate successfully spun off, delivering added value to its shareholders. In addition to being an Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Scott is well versed in Microsoft licensing and Office365 administration and has a working knowledge of IT systems. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University.

Min Shi


Min Shi has been an international business consultant and has worked in the investment and finance industry, both in the United States and in China, for more than 25 years. Since 2001, Min has assisted American companies that were conducting, or wished to conduct, business in China. She has worked successively in the roles of associate, senior counselor, Finance and Investment Department Manager, Asset Management, Mutual Fund Department Manager, and Vice President at the Nan Yang Investment Company of China, Jia Shi Investment Group of Hong Kong, China Hao Ran Investment Company, China Long Sheng Heng Ye Investment Company and China Wall Street Investment Company, respectively. Min has worked with many small and medium sized companies on overseas market development, assisting them in securing financing in the U.S., Hong Kong and Chinese capital markets. Additionally, she has consulted for several US based companies by making introductions to, and improving relations with, the Chinese government. Min Shi has worked with several banks and Chinese provincial governments on various projects, including financing government real estate development projects and mergers or acquisitions between government owned and private enterprises in China. Min has a Bachelor’s degree from the Chinese Medical University of Beijing.